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Our News team works in the Christian faith based area of the world. Bringing you News about what's happening in our world of Jesus Christ. Jesus instructed us not to have anything to do with the ways of the world even though we live here. As investigative news journalists we want you to know what Jesus is doing in your area and around the world.

Our News Team does not glamor negative things like the wordily news does, Our news wants to know about the good things going on in our area and around the world.

Life changing stories!

If you have a life changing story of what God has done in you, please call or text me I'd like to set down and have an interview with you and add your story to our blogger, and post it on my website.

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Jesus is feeding  people.

He has put it on hearts of a lot of people to enable food offering to people in this pandemic, Praise God for keeping His promises to us.

Continuing Storys

Jesus is Feeding People

In the East Side of Saint Paul, MN at the Eastside Apartments there is a life changing event happening, but its not just happening here its happening all over the Twin Cities. Jesus has put it on peoples hearts to feed people that are struggling to make I thru this pandemic. Jesus' promise to the world. Jesus said in the scriptures not worry about what to wear, what to eat or where to lay your head. And here we see Jesus's promise Come to life. If that's not something to Praise God over then I don't know what is.