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Jesus is Feeding People

In the East Side of Saint Paul, MN at the Eastside Apartments there is a life changing event happening, but its not just happening here its happening all over the Twin Cities. Jesus has put it on peoples hearts to feed people that are struggling to make I thru this pandemic. Jesus' promise to the world. Jesus said in the scriptures not worry about what to wear, what to eat or where to lay your head. And here we see Jesus's promise Come to life. If that's not something to Praise God over then I don't know what is.
Susan M. Brown
Susan M. Brown

Owner of Caring Hearts & Open Arms

In a live interview with Mr. Brown, we asked her what drives her to want to help out during this pandemic.

Susan (answered) I enjoy seeing the smiles on the children's and helping people out specially in this pandemic. 

Reporter (Question) What is the one thing you love most about helping people out?

Susan (answered) It is seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they walk out.

If you wish to receive help from Susan Brown you can reach her at:

(652) 200-1461

just text or give her a call if you need directions or times of when she is having the food shelf.

Branden Lee, and Lance Brown

A story of two men who God had brought back into a relationship.